Christopher K. Lee

Articulating your purpose is critical for a small business.

It’s key to attracting customers. It’s vital for recruiting and retaining talent. It’s essential for growing your brand. In today’s competitive environment, you must tell compelling stories that reach and resonate with your target audiences. Here’s how I can help.

Brand Identity
Define a distinct brand identity for your business. We address mission, vision, and values; core value propositions; and visual branding elements. Stand out and be remembered.

Marketing Strategy
Are your marketing efforts rushed and haphazard? Stop wasting time on shot-in-the-dark approaches. Start driving results with a solid plan. We will set you on the path to success.

Content Writing
Frustrated with writing? Too busy to blog? Let me handle it. I create web content, reports, brochures, press releases, and more. Leave a polished first impression with your content.

Public Relations
Get media exposure! I monitor queries on your behalf and craft responses that get your business noticed. Gain the visibility you deserve. A little publicity often goes a long way.

See how I can add value to your business? Email me at